My Walk With God ❤️ 

“CHANGE” make or become different! 

Ive had to “Freely” allow change to flow through my life. Whether its a job change or a situation thats lead me in a diffrent direction. Even if it was hard or I didnt understand why the change needed to happen. Ive learned that change is good! How ever the change comes about let it! An “Gracefully”allow change to happen! An be excited for what’s to come. Change is by no means easy it can leave you wondering or have you feeling that you no longer have control over the situation at hand.( As I often recite to myself “you are not in control”) But if you look at change as something special and exciting you will be able to see how the change was needed. How growth can come from the change happening in your life. Never allow yourself to lay stagnant in a situation that no longer POSITIVELY serves you. Continue to move forward, Continue to create and shape your life how you see it. Be confident in yourself . Do not allow anyone or anything to hinder your progress. You are in control of how you react to any situation and  how you choose to feel about yourself. Always remember God is with you wherever you go. Allow your uniqueness to continue to shine bright for the world to see. 

P.s I love you to God ❤️ 

Author: Cintora

"Benevolence" 🌹 "Allowing My Most Authentic Self To Shine Through While Sharing My Love For God Around The World "🌎

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